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Welcome to the official site FMovies - here you will watch new movies and TV shows in HD quality for free and without registration.

FMovies is a new way to discover new things and get fresh emotions. All movies and TV shows on our site are provided only for the purpose of preliminary acquaintance. If you like the content, you should purchase its digital version or on physical media to support the actors, directors, producers and all creators. Behind every movie or episode of a TV show is the hard work of many people who do a lot to make sure we are not bored with our lives.

FMovies is an online streaming service that is completely free. Every day new movies and new episodes of TV shows are posted on FMovies. Most videos are added to the site immediately in 1080p quality, which is optimal for viewing content on both smartphones and laptops.

Keep in mind that FMovies is one of the few ways for low-income people to watch movies and TV shows. What about the person who can't buy a subscription to Netflix, HBO, Peacock or other paid streaming services? Yes, there are many such people and they too are in need of spiritual food. Therefore, FMovies's mission is noble in a way - to give opportunity to those who don't have it for one reason or another.

What about the security of FMovies?
The website, like any other website, is completely secure. Please note that the site is connected via a secure encrypted https protocol, which guarantees the safety and confidentiality of your data.

It is decidedly not clear why the perception that FMovies could potentially contain any viruses or spyware is ingrained. Think about the fact that spyware contains just about all the most used apps on your phone: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others that give your data to corporations, which they handle at their discretion. Why would a small website created by enthusiasts for movie lovers do this? The answer is simple - absolutely no reason. Just as there is no need to put any viruses on the pages of the site. We are trying to popularize movies, not scare people away with potential dangers!

Keep in mind that on FMovies you don't need to provide any personal information to watch movies for free. FMovies won't ask for your name, where you live, your zip code, or your credit card information. If you see one of the FMovies sites asking for any of the above - close it immediately, it is most likely a fraudulent site! The official FMovies is completely free and does not require you to register or provide any data.

Otherwise, FMovies is just a normal site with useful content and some perfectly safe ads. If you don't like ads, there is an easy way to avoid them - install a blocker like AdBlock Plus and enjoy ad-free browsing. There is almost no ads in the videos themselves on the official FMovies website.

What are the features of FMovies?
On FMovies you can watch movies or new episodes of TV shows for free. On the video pages you have the possibility to choose from more than 10 players. If one of the players doesn't work, it can happen, just switch to another one and choose the video quality: 360p, 720p, 1080p, enable or disable subtitles, change the playback speed, expand the video to full screen and enjoy watching.

On FMovies all content is conveniently categorized into categories: genres, selections of the best movies by year or genre, thematic selections, for example, movies about Christmas, Halloween, New Year and similar. This is done for your convenience to make it easier for you to decide what movie to watch today.

The rating data on the movie and TV show pages is a good help. We display virtually all of the most representative ratings that currently exist: IMDB (10 point system based on user ratings), TMDB (10 point system based on user ratings), Rotten Tomatoes (100 point system based on user ratings), Metacritic (100 point system based on movie critics and users), FilmAffinity (100 point system based on movie critics and regular viewers).

What else is important to know about FMovies
FMovies is a project of web enthusiasts and big movie lovers. The project is made with heart and love for those who love cinema as much as the creators of FMovies. Our mission is to make movies and TV shows available to everyone without exception. It's important to us that FMovies users feel comfortable on the site and have no barriers to viewing content, which is why we accept your bug reports and requests to add new content via our feedback form. As a result, FMovies is constantly improving and becoming more user-friendly.

Many people think that FMovies has something to do with piracy or its distribution. This assertion is erroneous. The fact is that FMovies does not store any copyrighted videos on its servers. All videos are inserted into the page from third-party sources, FMovies only collects these videos and groups them by movie title. FMovies is a website with pages where you can find videos from different sources. For example, the search giant Google is exactly the same site and its search vertical Search by Video contains exactly the same embedded videos from different sources, which Google does not categorize into legal or illegal. Those are handled by other services, and we, like Google, give the information "as is" without prior validation. This is the manifesto of the free Internet, which is not an empty sound for us.

Some numbers
- 38,151 movies currently on FMovies

- 6,107 TV shows

- 176,165 episodes of TV shows

- 280 genres and selections

- Movies from 176 countries are represented

- 159,890 actors are represented on FMovies

- 45 127 directors

- TV shows from 940 networks

FMovies app
For all users of Android smartphones and tablets we have released the official FMovies app. You can download it at the link: FMovies offical App. The app is 100% identical to the functionality of the FMovies website. The app is completely safe for your devices, it is exactly the same as if you downloaded it via Google Play.

The iOS app is unfortunately not available, due to Apple's security policies.